Wireless and Digital Healthcare Incubator

Leveraging the intersection of wireless and medical technologies in the greater San Diego region, we offer a Wireless and Digital Healthcare Business Incubator program to help early stage companies developing clinical and personal health products, but with a distinctly wireless focus.  We’re looking for startups in the following areas:  Devices and Diagnostics, Applications and Wearables, Analytics and Services.

We practice team mentoring, utilizing four categories of healthcare experts:

  • Domain Experts – Mentors who have run similar companies
  • Subject Matter Experts – Mentors with specific area knowledge, such as legal and accounting experts
  • Customer Mentors – Decision makers from healthcare organizations who can provide direct user feedback
  • Investor Mentors – Individuals with direct investment experience in similar companies

Core Program

The Core helps startup members by providing: Structured business planning and processes, an environment where members receive guidance from mentors and subject matter experts, plus collaborative interaction with peers.

Incubator Milestones

We work with each startup to structure a baseline plan to address goals, quantify barriers and prioritize resources.  The team then agrees on a series of milestones, designed to build upon each other, as they progress through the program.

Foundation Program

We also offer a series of “foundation” classes, where subject matter experts cover key topics – and schedule on-site “office hours” where teams can meet one-on-one with these same experts.

Key Advantages – Industry Focus and Collaboration

Expert advisors, resources, and capital are essential ingredients for any early stage company. Their value increases when these key elements are provided by healthcare industry veterans.  We enhance this focus by engaging with Customer Mentors, medical groups and clinical organizations that can deliver direct user feedback – providing industry interaction to bridge the gap between business planning and execution.

From the mentor teams, to the networking events, and foundation programs, our goal is to foster a Startup Community of entrepreneurs focused on healthcare innovation.

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