John Amschler

Wireless Health Hub Mentor, John AmschlerJohn Amschler

John is a Technologist with vast product development, engineering and wireless health interests and experiences to base his innovations on. He has honed his skills in Advanced Technology Development, Product Concept Creation by leading multifunctional/multinational Teams and RF & Digital Design projects at Intel, Motorola and AyDeeKay.

John served as a wireless health and technology advisor to The Optimal Health and Prevention Research Foundation, a 501(c) 3 public charity. They are developing the Integrative Optimal Health and Prevention Personalized Self-Care Program (OHP Program).

People who collaborate with John find that he brings a high level of creativity and energy to his work. He is an out of the box thinker that considers both the architectural and social ramifications of the technical options being proposed. He is the unique type of person whom can see the whole picture as well as focus on the small details of the project.

John is contributing to the emerging market of self tracking and personal health by founding the San Diego and Los Angeles chapters of  The Quantified Self