Brad Tipler

Brad Tipler_telmedx

Mr. Tipler is a serial entrepreneur with expertise in wireless system architectures, cloud security, health care IT, video, software quality and mobile Apps.

He is currently the CTO at telmedx, a wireless healthcare company whose platform provides medical-grade video and real-time image capture from patients’ existing cell phones.

The platform delivers value by improving patient engagement, triage, follow-up care, and remote patient monitoring.

Mr. Tipler has somehow been lucky enough to undertake the following roles:

* Chairman in the Bluetooth SIG, enabling the launch of Bluetooth and managing the development of some of the very first Bluetooth products.

* Founding member of Tarari (bought by Broadcom), a startup spin-out of Intel that developed dynamically reconfigurable processors for deep content processing (DCP) for virus scanning, XML parsing, intrusion-prevention, and encryption.

* VP of Engineering at Radio Digital Technique (RDT), a startup that developed a cellular-based system based on it’s own proprietary radio waveform for delivering high quality video.

* Director of Engineering at Software Kinetics (bought by Xwave), a company that developed TCP/IP routers when the Internet was “just” the Arpanet (and Canada had only 3 nodes).

* Director of Engineering at Hughes Canada Systems Division (HCSD), which developed a family of TCP/IP-based national air traffic control (ATC) systems.

* Author/editor/contributor of various IEEE, ISO, and NATO standards on digital communications standards, software quality and related security issues.