How Cloud-based Project Tools Support Wireless Health Teams

February 25, 2014

Integrated Project Management tools are now addressing the needs of project teams in Wireless Health and Clinical Research

Projecis is a cloud-based knowledge convergence platform that enables project stakeholders to easily and securely connect teams, organize data, and disseminate information.

Of interest to the wireless health community, Projecis meets the unique needs of the clinical research industry. Developed by a professional in the industry, it addresses how people and content are assigned and logged within the system, allows for precise analytics, simplified process, and timely trial completion.

Paul TanPiengco is Vice President, Marketing & Business Development at Projecis.

Paul will discuss topics key to startups and growing companies:

1) Findings/Needs of project leaders in wireless health

2) New product development

3) Changing regulatory environments putting pressure on controlling and managing content with our project teams.



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