Wireless Health Hub Startup Community Holds First Event

April 29, 2013

We had a great turnout at the first Wireless Health Hub Meetup, April 16, at our new space in North San Diego.

It was an informal gathering of startup entrepreneurs and founders sharing the ins and outs of launching and growing a new health technology company.

The startup founders that attended are all doing really innovative wireless health stuff. We had some great conversations!


Alysson Mallah of the SoCal EED team with Wireless Health Hub Meetup attendees on April 16.

They talked about raising seed rounds of funding, forming partnerships, overcoming (lots of) hurdles and their cool technologies. Many said they liked the idea of forming a wireless health community here in North San Diego County.

Brad Tipler is a good friend of ours who is a founder at Telmedx. It’s a startup developing cool medical grade video and audio that’s transmitted via cellphone. Telmedx has developed technology that makes it easy for us to grab our cell phones and show our doctors “where it hurts” before driving to an office or emergency room! Telmedx has recently formed a joint venture with partners in Poland who plan to launch Telmedx video applications into as many as 150 hospitals in Hungary and Romania, among others. Find more about Telmedx here.

Tom Baird is the CEO of Unified Nexsys, a software company developing apps in the healthcare, education and military markets. He and his team recently closed a series A round of funding from Aerojet-General Corporation (NYSE: GY). Software from Unified Nexsys helps physicians and companies view highly accurate endoscopy images on iPads and virtual microscopy.

Another cool new startup founder stopped by our Wireless Health Meetup, Patrick. He’s an entrepreneur who recently moved to San Diego from France.

Patrick is a Molecular biologist, founder and CEO of Portable Genomics, a wireless genomics company developing a disruptive approach for the use of genomics by consumers. Their first distinctive product is an app that creates a unique song based on your personal genome. Now that’s personalized music–ringtones from your personal genome! You can follow Portable Genomics on Twitter here, @portablegenomic

Founder Gary Miner and his partner Gary Jahns of mHealthSys are tackling the daily problems of our country’s 24 million (and growing) people suffering from diabetes. Apps from mHealthSys aim to make it easier for diabetics to make the right decisions everyday–with everything they do. The mHealthSys team wants to make it easier for people to make better choices about eating and exercise and to have better outcomes with their new mobile apps. Learn more about mHealthSys here.

At Wireless Health Hub we’re building a startup community for entrepreneurs developing wireless medical devices.

This Meetup was a great start! 

We met, and reconnected with, cool people innovating in wireless medical devices, genomics, mobile apps and mobile health grade video tech. Our healthcare system and it’s skyrocketing costs–is waiting for these folks to succeed!

If you’d like to join our meetup the second Tuesday of each month, click here:

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