Wireless Health Hub, San Marcos, California

Welcome to the new Wireless Health Hub, located in North San Diego County in the City of San Marcos.

Wireless Health Hub  is new a startup community for wireless health entrepreneurs, founders, investors, business leaders and other health technology people in the entrepreneurial stack. We’re creating mentorship-focused programs for entrepreneurs who are creating wireless medical devices, services or personal health apps or devices. Wireless Health Hub is the start of a new industry cluster for new and emerging startups in wireless health. Our Seed Accelerator and Business Incubator programs support entrepreneurs who are creating wireless medical devices, services and personal health apps or devices. San Diego is the best place to foster a wireless health startup community because it’s already a recognized wireless health cluster. In 2010, the Brookings Institute recognized San Diego as a technology cluster for wireless medical devices. Forbes wrote recently that San Diego (the home of QUALCOMM), not Silicon Valley, is the Wireless Capital of the World. San Diego also has deep domain expertise in cellular and wireless technologies along with scientific and research capabilities within life sciences. This area has the key ingredients to become a focal point in the new wireless health industry. Our Wireless Health Hub is committed to helping with the development of this emerging industry.


Entrepreneurs launching tech companies need all the help they can get, especially who are working on their first startup or entering into a new industry like wireless health. The Wireless Health Hub is being created to provide such support through our Seed Accelerator and Business Incubator Programs. Find out more here or contact us. Join us at our next monthly Wireless Health Hub Meetup, see more here.

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